**This piece was written March 22, 2012 after Trayvon Martin’s murder.**

“GET UP, STAND UP: STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!” The crowds cheered as we marched throughManhattan from 14th street to 42nd street Times Square with our hoodies on for Trayvon Martin. Beautiful lyrics filled the streets and echoed throughout everyone’s ears but how many of the youth take part in protests? Or is the mentality more like “Leave it up to the activists, that’s what they signed up for right?” There can be many reasons why some might not take part in a protest.

I used to be the…

One of my students has been begging me to come to her house after school. It was an awkward visit as I had learned that her father was the Priest of the Georgian Orthodox Church in the village of Anaga, Kakheti region. I am no one of any caliber to be having lunch with this clergy man but he insisted for me to come over again. Being around a priest makes me uncomfortable for the following:

The village of Anaga sits at the foot of this beautiful Sighnaghi city. Over in the distance are the Caucasus Mountains dividing Georgia and Azerbaijan

1.) I curse a lot! I have a straight up sailor’s mouth with no apologies.

2.) Nine times out of ten I break the…

The Town of the Headless Horseman has had a scary connotation to it so you could imagine my excitement when I decided to head to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery at midnight coming from New York City. Did I mention I was alone? I wanted to roam around the grave sites and feel the adrenaline rush through my body. Facing fears either gives me boosts of energy or turns me on. Not to my knowledge they locked up the iron gates. …

The Muslim Women of Maryland invited my group, Sisterhood of Unity and Love (SOUL), along with the female student body of University of Maryland to wear a hijab or headscarf for a day. Their focus was to relieve the misconstrued beliefs that people may have about being of Islamic faith, and fully understanding the choice that Muslim women make to wear the hijab. Remember that “choice” is the key word here.

Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

I was looking through my email the night before and saw this event was offered. Of course, as I always do as some of you know, took the opportunity…

Franchesca Benzant

Writer turned cyber security technologist seeking freedom from the 9 to 5 through words.

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